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About Simutec Systems

Simutec Systems is an applied technology company principally engaged within the Defence, Aerospace, Security & Energy sectors.

Established in 2000, Simutec Systems are Simulation, Synthetic Environment and Visualisation specialists providing products and services to our clients. The technical performance, agility and responsiveness of our offerings are enabled by an internally developed set of core capabilities including software libraries, simulation applications, visualisation and integration tools.

Simutec Systems is based around multi-disciplinary team combining scientific, engineering, and artistic talent to produce functional systems that meet client demands. Core skill disciplines include systems integration, software development, mechanical & electronic design, machine building and 3D modelling.

Client engagement activities include capability provision, technical support, bespoke development, research, experimentation, education and training.

Examples Of What We Do

  • SWorldView-2D

    Reconfigurable multi-channel 2D Situational Awareness display system for synthetic environments.

  • CQB Trainer

    Close Quarter Battle trainer using laser projecting weapons, synthetic targets and team tracking.

  • SWorldView-3D

    Reconfigurable multi-channel 3D Situational Awareness display system for synthetic environments.

  • Drilling Event Analyser

    Drilling Rig Event Log visualisation tool.

  • GeoTV

    Borehole log visualisation and analysis tool.

  • GeoView

    Oil and gas field visualisation and analysis tool.

  • Visualiser

    Visual tool to assist in training related to equipment, procedures and collaborative working environments.

  • Research - SE Costing Project

    Development of a cost estimating system driven by technical requirements for simulation based systems.

  • Terrain Development

    Development and/or modification of correlated terrain datasets in industry standard formats including mapping and metadata products.

  • 3D Models Development

    Creation of bespoke 3D models in industry standard formats to customer requirements.

  • Research - Disadvantaged Networks

    Exploring the use of low-bandwith, high-latency network links within synthetic environments.

  • Research - Entity Tracking

    Mesh networked, real-time tracking devices of personnel and vehicles within live training environments.

  • SMonitor

    Distributed simulation monitoring and analysis tool for use in DIS and HLAe based synthetic environments.

  • SNETRadio

    Development library providing communications simulation for synthetic environments.

  • ISTAR Hub

    Fully featured, distributed ISTAR Hub for use in live and synthetic training environments.

  • Video Wall

    Scalable software based video distribution system for creating video walls, managing digital signage or providing classroom display systems.

  • Machine Building

    Bespoke machine development for uses such as materials handling, reliability testing & access control.

  • SRadioRCT

    Reconfigurable multi-channel general purpose communications simulation for synthetic environments.

  • Replica Weapons

    Instrumented replica weapons incorporating laser projectors for training & experimentation.

  • SRadioExcon

    Communications realtime analysis suite.

  • AgentSim

    Agent based entity simulation for creating complex environments.

  • 3D Model Library

    Comprehensive off-the-shelf models in industry standard formats.

  • UAVSim

    Customisable, multi vehicle, UAV virtual simulation with flight, mission and sensor management features..

  • SSAF

    Computer generated forces constructive simulation for populating synthetic environments.

  • Generic Vehicle Simulations

    A range of customisable virtual simulations representing ground, rotary-wing and fixed-wing platforms.

  • SVIS

    Multi-channel visualisation engine.

  • SModelViewer

    Realtime viewer for 3D models and terrain databases.

  • SNETRadio Hardware

    A range of dedicated hardware radio solutions.

  • Headset & Equipment Interfaces

    A range of gateway adapters for interfacing with military and civilian aviation headsets and supplementary equipment.

  • RadioSim

    System specific radio simulations for use in synthetic environments.

  • SensorSuite

    Sensor, situational awareness and communications modelling and analysis framework.

  • Software Development

    Design & development of software components and systems to meet client requirements.

  • Systems Integration

    Integration of software and hardware components.

  • Red Teaming

    Draw upon Simutec Systems' experience to analyse and challenge your concepts & designs.

  • Reliablity Trials

    Mechanical and electrical reliability testing of mission critical man machine interfaces & systems.

  • SNETRadioBridge

    A range of interface hardware and systems for bridging between real communications systems and their simulation counterparts.

  • Education & Training

    Tailored courses on simulation and synthetic environment subjects.

  • Experimentation

    Synthetic environment and simulation based experimentation design, development & execution.

  • Simulator Support

    Development, integration and update of new & legacy simulation systems, components and instructor operating stations.

  • A380 Communications Trainer

    Hardware based simulation of internal crew communication subsystem on A380 aircraft.

  • Composable Simulation Architecture

    Demonstration of distributed simulation service functions providing capabilities to disparate simulator clients.

  • Visualisation of Research Outputs

    Development of a custom visualisation system for exploring correlated communications, situational awareness and workload datasets.

  • Simulator Displays

    Cockpit, external window and door view infrastructure for aircrew evacuation trainers.

  • Dataset Conversions

    Development of custom ARINC encoded dataset conversion and visualisation tools to support legacy system upgrades.

  • Simulator Control Software

    Development of simulation control software for an A380 cabin crew trainer providing emulation of aircraft sub-system behaviour fused with instructor controlled failure and safety critical functions.

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